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PT Pusri Increases Production Target

13 Januari 2015 REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, PALEMBANG -- State-owned fertilizer producer PT Pupuk Pusri in Palembang, South Sumatra will increase production in 2015, slightly higher than the previous year's target, its spokesman said.

"The production target this year is increased by about 30,000-50,000 tons from the previous year's target of 2.050 million tons," PT Pusri Public Relations Manager Sulfa Ganie said here on Monday (12/1).

The production target this year is based on the company's plan to finish the construction of one factory which constituted part a revitalization project if old factories, Ganie said.

The company's spokesman said that the increase target this year was only small because the operations of the old factories would automatically be stopped when the factory in the Pusri II-B project was already operated.

New factories which are still in a trial operation could not yet be operated on full-scale basis.

Seeing the previous experience in the construction of new factories since 2013, production target could always be achieved.

Yet last year, over 98 percent of the target of 2.050 tons were achieved.