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Bukit Asam Supplies Coal To Pusri

28 Juli 2011 Jakarta - PT Bukit Asam (Persero) Tbk will supply coal for PT Pupuk Sriwidjaja Palembang's two boiler units and power plant demand starting from 2013 to the next 20 years.
The Cooperation signing from both parties were done last week by the PTBA's CEO Sukrisno and Pusri Palembang's CEO Eko Sunarko in the SOE (State-Owned Enterprises) Ministry Office and was witnessed by the SOE's Minister Mustafa Abubakar.

Sukrisno stated that the volume of supplied coal will increase gradually, it will be 200,000 tons annually on 2013 and will reach its peak on 2016 with 1 million ton annually.

"It will start on 2013, but not in large quantity, about 200,000 tons. The peak will be on 2016 with 1 million tons." he said.

Eko said that, through this collaboration, Pusri Palembang would be able to use coal as substitute to natural gas, which will be the main raw materials and fuel for urea plant in the future.

Not only with Pusri Palembang, Sukrisno stated that PTBA is also looking to find more cooperation with other fertilizer plants.

However, he did not give any additional significant target on revenue for PTBA because the supply for coal is also not so big. This year, PTBA targets 13.6 million tons of coal to be transported.

Sales are targeted to 16.7 million tons from the production projection of 17.6 million tons, that already includes the production from Kalimantan numbering to about 1.2 million tons.

Meaning that the supply of Coal to Pusri Palembang is considered small because it is only 1 million tons.
"This one is 1 million tons, it's not much. But PTBA supplies coal to the majority of domestic businesses, such as PLN, PLN's subsidiary, fertilizer plants, cement plants such as semen padang, semen batu raja, semen tigaroda, with the additional of small industries that reach 500,000 tons per year." He said.

Gasification of Coal

Aside of the cooperation on coal supply for power plants and boilers, PTBA is also in collaboration with Pusri Palembang to build Gasification for coal that is located in Tanjung Enim, South Sumatra.

The project's status is still in the feasibility study and is targeted to be completion in mid 2012. Sukrisno cannot give a description of share composition between PTBA and Pusri Palembang yet, as well as the volume of coal that is needed.

"The Coal Gasification is built in Tanjung Enim. We will later work in partnership, consortium with Pusri Palembang. But regarding the volume and capacity, it has not been decided yet, it all depends on the result of the FS later." He said.

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