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Logo Meaning
“Glory And Glorius Victory”

Immortalize the glory and determine the great goal to achieve.

Sriwidjaja Maritime Kingdom

History has recorded that in the 7th century there had been a powerful maritime kingdom named Sriwidjaja. The kingdom started its authority in Sumatera Island and kept expanding its power from Sumatera Island, Java Island, and Kalimantan coast to Cambodia, Southern Thailand, Malay Peninsula, most of the Indo China and has conducted extensive trade with India and mainland China. The name and influence of this kingdom even heard all over the world both its power of trade, religion, culture and victorious fleet which ruled the Indian Ocean region and the Pacific.


In Sanskirt language, Sri means “shine” or “glorious”, and Widjaja means “victory” or “glory”. Thus, Sriwijaja means glorious victory or glory. This maritime kingdom was very powerful and influential and led by Syailendra dynasty descendant. The trade center of this kingdom once was built on Siguntang hill which stood on Musi river mouth, now it is knows as Palembang.


Company Name

PT Pupuk Sriwidjaja Palembang,

The company immortalized the name of Sriwidjaja to commemorate and memorize the heyday of the first maritime kingdom in Indonesia which was well-known all over the world. An honor to ancestors who had proven that Indonesia is a great nation. The Establishment of fertilizer plants under the name of PT Pupuk Sriwidjaja Palembang, is the legacy of the Indonesian nation as well as a vision of the strength, unity, and Archipelago insight security.

Visual Element Details of Company Logo

  1. Pusri U-shape symbol represents the abbreviation of “Urea”, which has been registered at Directorate General of Haki, Dept. of Justice and Human Rights under no.021391.
  2. A stem of rice plant with 24 grains in total symbolizes the date of deed of stablishment of PT Pusri.
  3. 12 white urea granules symbolize the name of December in which PT Pusri is established.
  4. A stem of cotton that blossoms from its petal. The blossoming cotton grains consisting 5 broken petals which shape 9 fractures symbolize number 59 as the establishment of PT Pusri (1959).
  5. Kajang Boat as a specific attribute of Palembang city situated on the Musi riverside.
  6. Lotus-bud to blossom is the creator imagination to the company’s future prospects.
  7. Composition of yellow and blue symbol with thin-black strips (to clarify the figure) symbolizes the grandeur, freedom of goals, as well as fertility, composure, and determination to pursue and give shape to the goals.