HALO PUSRI 0800-12-000-11
Risk Management
Risk Management in PT Pusri Palembang has been implemented since 2006 as an integral part of Good Corporate Governance with in Risk Management Policy signed on February 13, 2006. With the passage of time, has made improvements in the infrastructure of Risk Management in PT Pusri Palembang, so that the implementation of Risk Management in PT Pusri Palembang since 2013 to apply Risk Management based on SNI ISO-31000: 2011.

In pursuit of its vision and mission as well as in running their business, PT Pusri Palembang face uncertainty, challenges and obstacles that come from internal and external conditions. Some of the things that became significant risks affecting the achievement of the company's performance include the continuity and price of gas, the decline in the selling price of commodity urea and ammonia, an import fertilizer with cheaper prices, the low exchange rate of the rupiah against the US dollar, the availability of funds for capital employment and investment development and the age of the plant is getting older so disrupt the company's operations. Additionally PT Pusri Palembang also faces growing uncertainty due to changes in the business climate of increasingly rapid and complex. That are a business risk which can not be avoided, it should be managed through a mechanism called "Risk Management".

With the implementation of Risk Management which is a coordinated activities to direct and control company with regard to risk, for the risk that potentially disrupt the operations of the company, must be take measures regularly handling mechanism in the form of risk prevention, risk mitigation and risk sharing. Expected with such efforts, PT Pusri Palembang can minimize the negative impact or loss and see the opportunities that exist to be exploited as a competitive advantage to provide the company.

In the preparation of the company's budget, PT Pusri Palembang has implemented a Risk Based Budgeting and use a Quantitative Risk Analysis in risk analysis and supported by the Risk Management Information System (SIMRisk) web-based.

To support the successful implementation of Risk Management, PT Pusri Palembang seeks to inculcate and foster a culture of risk awareness (risk culture) through an adequate understanding of Risk Management regularly through continuous Risk Management Training.