HALO PUSRI 0800-12-000-11
GCG Overview

The implementation of Good Corporate Governance (GCG) is an obligation and important basis to achieve the realization of vision and mission and the company business continuation.

PT Pusri Palembang, starts of the operational employee, manager, and general manager, head of SPI, company secretary up to the Director and Commissioner, really aware it.

PT Pusri Palembang always fulfills GCG rules and principles issued by Government Cq ministry of SOE. It is carried out well by the management by following up Minister of SOE Master Plan 1998 which positioned GCG as one of eight pillars of SOE to reach world standard company.

The management has also fulfilled its obligation of SOE Reformation Master Plan in May, 2010 about the policy of GCG implementation in SOE in the form of President Director Letter No. 1387/100.0T/2000, on December 19, 2000, about the policy of GCG implementation in all company scopes. The letter is also equipped by forming PUSRI GCG Implementation Team pursuant to the decree of the Board of directors.

The decree of Minister of SOE No. Kep.-117/MMBU/2002, August 1, 2002, about the implementation of GCG practices has also been PUSRI’s strong basis to keep improving the management to achieve sustainable GCG implementation.


And currently has been renewed by Ministry of SOE rules Kep.-117/MMBU/2002, August 1, 2011, about a Good Corporate Governance Implementation