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From Farmer To Scholar
Farmers are the closest partners to us.  One of our corporate social responsibilities is how we can improve Indonesian farmers’ quality of life economically, spiritually, and educational level. As a partner in a strong relation, we realize that farmers in some areas find difficulties in getting a decent education for their next generation. While intellectual ability also comes as the main parameter that affects the life quality of people who work in agricultural sectors.

To assist farmers in improving their quality of life, we have designed an educational program for farmers’ children.

The CSR program is provided for High School graduate students who continue their study to college. The scholarship is particularly given for those who come from less-capable farmer families and registered as a new student of University in Indonesia, and takes agriculture major (Agribusiness, Soil Science, Agriculture, Agricultural Technology, etc).

 ‘From Farmer to Scholar’ CSR Program is PT Pusri concern to education as well as agriculture in Indonesia. This educational CSR is chosen to get the company and farmers closer. Farmers as the main users of Pusri’s fertilizers are not all living in good economic condition. It is expected for the children who won the scholarship would change their economic condition better, particularly through the same field as their parents took. Major contribution is expected to be given to agriculture advancement in Indonesia.