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A Cluster Of Bamboo With Thousand Gifts

The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a corporate commitment to behave ethically and contribute to sustainable development through good cooperation with all related stakeholders to improve their live in good ways for business interests, sustainable development agenda, and public in general (Kiroyan, 2009).

The trueness of Pusri’s CSR program is manifested in a ‘caring and environmentally friendly’ as well as society empowerment program. Pusri as a national fertilizer industry has changed the paradigm of not only having a commitment of ‘environmentally friendly’, but is always striving to be a company “owned” by the environment.

One of the environmentally CSR programs conducted by PT Pusri Palembang is bamboo trees planting. The program which is aimed to preserve the nature emphasizes on greening activities along the Musi River by planting 1,000 bamboo seeds. Bamboo planting activity is an ecological and communities empowerment program where planted trees will be preserved and is expected to grow well in order to improve natural preservation and economic condition.

Bamboo is a plant with distinctive look. Clumping lush with long stems and grass-like leaves. The soothing trees have economic value, and are classified as plants of slow growth. Bamboo takes approximately 5 years to complete its growth. Having completed its root to grow, bamboo rods will then grow into clumps that are able to prevent erosion and improve permanent soil water supply. The bamboo root structure can bind to soil and water very well, can absorb rain up to 90 % as well as it is able to hold back erosion. Bamboo also has high potential as industrial plants, which is as substitution of all wood functions, textile industry raw materials, as well as creative industry raw materials. In a long term, the success of this program will be useful for improving the community welfare.