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Corporate Identity Overview

It is essential for a company to stay consistent, particularly for its identity in any communication forms.

A corporate identity is all representations or visual and physical media manifestation displaying a corporate identity, so the company is distinguishable from other companies.

In Public Relations, the relation of Corporate Identity is described in corporate identity dynamics stated by Hacth and Schultz. The dynamics model states that corporate identity has a close relation with the corporate culture and corporate image. Internally, corporate identity is associated to culture / adopted by the company. Yet externally, corporate identity has a close relation with corporate image. Currently, corporate identity has been recognized as a strategic resource and a source of competitive advantage. 

PT Pupuk Sriwidjaja Palembang is renowned as a company that has been socialized and recognized with a unique logo and name. Yet, PT Pupuk Sriwidjaja Palembang’s logo and name is sometimes applied in various shape and colors.

That is the reason why PT Pupuk Sriwidjaja Palembang (or abbreviated as PT Pusri Palembang) has set a fixed standard logo and company’s name, so all PT Pusri Palembang stakeholders who are about to use its logo and PT Pusri Palembang name on its communication to PT Pusri Palembang both formal and informally must use the standard we set. It is to make a consistency and uniformity.

Perceptual uniformity in the application of logos, colors, and consistent typography is essential to maintain a strong brand in the market. And the most important of all is the unity of the spirit of all related parties both inside and outside PT Pusri Palembang to achieve the common goal of making PT Pusri Palembang a big company that plays an active role in creating a food prosperous and the self-sufficient Indonesia.