HALO PUSRI 0800-12-000-11
Pusri Palembang Excellences
  1. Experience

    Pusri is one of companies which became the pilot project to implement Good Corporate Governance since 2000 (based on the letter of President Director No. 1387/100.OT/2000 on December 19, 2000 about the policy of Good Corporate Governance implementation in all company scope of works).

  2. Integrated

    The only fertilizer plant having distribution facilities of marine transportation fleets (Seven Units of Bulk Urea Ship as well as A Unit of Ammonia Ship) and Five Fertilizer Bagging (UPP) Units.

  3. Coverage

    The fertilizer company with the most extended and biggest asset throughout Indonesia.

  4. Modern Technology

    Having the licensed production process technology of Urea called "ACES 21" (Advanced Cost Energy Saving) by Toyo Engineering Corporation (TEC) Japan.

  5. Expert

    Having skilled and reliable Human Resources in fertilizer industry mainly for the aspect of plant operation, maintenance and engineering design.

  6. Environmental-Minded

    Pusri is the first plant fertilizer received Green Proper award from Ministry of Environment in 2011 and 2012, and Green Industry award  from the President of Republic of Indonesia in 2012.